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The INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (SA) is an international virtual university with their headquaters in South Africa, Cape Town.

With the help of Prof Godwin Booysen, the representative of DAYSPRING CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY fo South Africa and Africa, and the Dean of DAYSPRING in the USA, it has been decided that all studies in future done via the INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (SA), will be accredited and recognise by DAYSPRING CHIRSTIAN UNIVERSITY. ((See )

Till about two years ago, this virtual university was known as New World Mission Dunamis International University (NWMD IU), till the sudden death of Prof Louis de Bruin, the previous Dean and President.

It was the wish of the late Prof. De Bruin that after his death, his successor should be Prof Gerhard Kotze, with his wife, pastor Karin Kotze, as vice President.

The both of them are part of AMAZING GRACE MINISTRIES and AMAZING GRACE ACADEMY in Parow, South Africa.

We all wish them great wisdom and grace that they will be able to come to speed with Prof Louis’ years of hard work and positioning themselves in this new season for this virtual university.

As part of the new season in this virtual university, it was decided that for the future this virtual University will focus on training and empowering students that want to study Theology, Pastoral Counseling and other training that are relevant in equipping of Christian leaders for ministry in the Body/Church of Christ.

Furthermore, a consortium of South African Training Colleges and Institutes, who were all accredited by DAYSPRING CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY in the past, joined hands on this website of ours, 

These schools are AMAZING GRACE in Parow, SA, NEW SONG in Bothaville, SA (, and the WESTERN CAPE CAMPUS OF CONTINUAL EDUCATION ( ), in Paarl and Wellington in SA, where Prof Piet Truter is the Head and Dean.

New models of higher education

This International University continues to develop and share expertise around the world. For that reason, we network with different partners all across the world to make as much online study material available for students as possible.

New models of providing higher education have emerged in recent years. According to some researchers, a gap between what the public wants and what traditional universities provide, is growing (Rowley, Lujan, & Dolence, 1997).

This University & Partners offers a productive, affordable, effective and exciting way to learn—online. Unlike traditional classroom experiences, we focus on adding a human, loving touch to the high technology of online learning. We provide effective guidelines and assistance as soon as you register with us.

Distance Learning Through the Internet

Quality Education is one of the most important aspects to achieve success in any field. The advancements in technology have transformed the modes of obtaining an education. Through distance learning degrees, students can climb the career ladder easily in a flexible way and they need not waste time and energy knocking at the portals of higher learning. With just a computer and an internet connection at home, they can plan their future career easily in an affordable manner.

Through distance learning degrees, students can pursue higher education right from the confines of their homes or office. They do not have to venture far with high traveling expenses and accommodation fees  to expensive universities abroad to get the degree of their choice.

Several online universities have introduced some attractive degree courses that can be pursued without much effort. These courses can be completed via the internet and involves a flexible time frame.

Our convenient web-based academic programs allow you to tailor your own curriculum and plan class and study time to fit your unique schedule at your own pace, within your own space.

As the virtual INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (SA) we have no boundaries and our options and service are not limited by geography. This enables us to recruit leading Educators, assessors and practicing Ministry or business professionals from anywhere in the world. This ensures you are taught by real-world professionals with access to current marketplace knowledge and on-the-job skills.


These requirements are inseparably linked to the ultimate course of this University, as a glove to the hand, with God’s purpose for the institution and each student in mind.

We, therefore, evaluate your application based on you Spiritual testimony of your willingness to lay your life down to be a testimony for the Lord. Students should also have sufficient educational background that will enable them to study at University level, and will be requested to produce certified copies of their educational background, recommendation letters from referees with regards to their life testimony and character, but not for legalistic/dogmatic reasons, but to protect both the Student and this University.

Finally, also about their financial situation, especially since this University has made courses as affordable as possible to provide of the most affordable, good quality education in Africa.

For more about Registration fees, registration as a student and other important information, download the NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM by clicking on the following hyperlink New Student Registration.docx

Submit this form to Prof. Gerhard Kotze via the following email address:


NB:  After much consideration, it was decided that from 1 January 2017,  the INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (SA), and all schools in this consortium, will have nothing to do and won’t take any responsibility for whatever is done under the banner of New World Mission Dunamis by a Group out of India who illegally confiscated that name.


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We offer a productive, affordable, effective and exciting way to learn—online. Unlike traditional classroom experiences, we focus on adding a human, loving touch to the high technology of online learning. We provide effective guidelines and assistance as soon as you register with us.